August 28, 2013

Beginning of the Year Speech Time Capsule

a time capsule activity for students to reflect upon their learning goals

Has the school year started for you yet?? The first couple weeks of school is a great time to get to know any new students, and to reconnect with students you haven't seen all summer. How about using a Speech Time Capsule to ease back into therapy mode with your students this fall?!

This form is perfect for reviewing speech goals with your students. At the beginning of the school year, you can talk about why they are coming to speech, what their goals are, and then have students reflect on what they'd like to be able to do by the end of the school year. What a fun way for students to be creative, think about their own learning goals, and get in the right mindset for the coming months.

I made a time capsule box to store the sheets from my students. Oatmeal canister to the rescue! At the end of the school year in May, we'll open the seal and talk about the last box on the worksheet. Students will be able to think about all the fun things they did this year, and see if they accomplished their goals!

I hope this is a fun way for you to kick off the school year! You can download your {FREE} speech time capsule forms here. Leave a comment if you grab it!


  1. Love this idea! A fun and memorable way to kick off the school year! My middle-schoolers will be more motivated to discuss their goals with this activity! Thank You :)

    1. I'm so glad you like this Rose Ann! Anything that motivates middle-schoolers is helpful, right?!

  2. Great idea. It's perfect for going over goals at the beginning of the year. Thanks