August 20, 2013

Back to School Week: 6 Helpful Documents for the First Week of School

use these {FREE} documents to help start the school year off right

It's that time of year again! The mornings are getting cooler, kids are getting bored at home, teachers are busy organizing and decorating their rooms, and new outfits are being laid out to prepare for the First Day of School! To get ready for the start of a new school year, I'm having Back to School Week here on Schoolhouse Talk. Each day will feature different information to help you get ready.

I've been back for a week already, and students start on Wednesday. As I prep for meeting new students, working with new teachers, and tackling the dreaded schedule, I have been utilizing lots of documents I created last year. All documents are {FREE}, just click on the picture or the green titles to download :)

1. Speech Therapy Schedule Notices for Teachers

I give this form to all my teachers and ask them to write times that will or will not work for me to see their students. It's so helpful to reference when scheduling conflicts arise. And you know they do!

2. Speech Therapy Schedule

After I've figured out a tentative schedule, I use this form to let teachers know when the students in his or her class will be taken for speech sessions.

3. Data Sheets

This is how I keep track of my session data. You can read more about this form here.

4. Speech Passes

I use these for the articulation kiddos I pull into the hallway for 5-minute sessions. Before I implement use, I let teachers know that I'll quietly walk into the classroom, place a pass on a student's desk, and the student will then leave to meet me in the hallway. That way, the class doesn't get interrupted when I need to borrow a student.

5. Speech Session Updates for Parents

These notes are quick and easy to fill out at the end of your sessions and send home with kiddos. Parents stay up to date and get lots of good home practice tips. Sometimes I staple homework sheets directly to this form. Five different styles are available.

6. Editable Progress Report Templates

This is an editable PowerPoint file that makes filling out quarterly progress reports a breeze! Just open up in PowerPoint, make as many copies of the slides as you'll need, and go to town writing.


I hope you found some useful items to get organized this school year! If you download anything, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd leave feedback, that way others will know if you found the materials useful. Thanks and have a great school year!


  1. Just found you blog and love the speech therapy session update logs. Thanks so much for offering the freebie!

    1. No problem! Thanks so much for reading :)

  2. Thank you for the helpful freebies. I'm a CFY so everything helps :)

  3. You're so welcome! Good luck with your CFY!