August 29, 2013

Appy Hour: Word Mess

review of a fun and challenging app to target vocabulary and visual scanning

Word Mess is a fun app I grabbed when it went free a few months back, and it has tons of potential for use with older students working on vocabulary skills!

The main screen will present you with two options: Challenge or Quick Play. If you choose Challenge, you'll experience all different puzzle types, and try to progress through as many levels as you can without losing a challenge. With Quick Play, you get to choose the type of puzzle you want to play.

There are different types of puzzles, and they all present the user with a screen full of a mess of words...get it? :)

Find the Word: To solve this Word Mess you are given a specific word to find, and you need to tap on all of them as fast as you can. You gotta be fast - the clock is ticking and additional words pop up on the screen if you take too long! In the later levels, bombs appear that scramble the words up.

Category: The Category puzzles really vary in their complexity. Some are as simple as "Find T-Words" and some I was guessing at ("Find English Authors"). These puzzles are fantastic for those kiddos who are working on vocabulary skills such as naming items in categories and synonyms.

Rhymes: These puzzles are really great for boosting those phonemic awareness skills! There are always many words that sound the same but are all spelled differently, like flight, white, and height, which can be really challenging!

Odd One Out: In the Bonus Rounds the challenge is Odd One Out - you need to find the one single word on the screen that is different from all the rest (usually a word that means the opposite) and find it as many times as you can in 60 seconds.

Word Mess is a really fun app that would make some vocabulary learnin' pretty fun for your older students. It's great for targeting vocabulary skills, phonemic awareness, visual tracking, and categories. I have fun playing it myself! At this time, Word Mess is available in the app store for $1.99. Check it out!

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