March 20, 2013

March Mayhem Word Brackets

a head-to-head word competition!

Do you have your NCAA basketball tournament brackets filled out?? I just submitted mine, but don't really take them too seriously to begin with. I don't follow college basketball at all (other than what my husband fills me in on), but I enjoy doing my best to fill out the brackets and see how well I can predict the winner!

Since brackets were on the brain, I thought they would make a fun speech activity! The alliterative name you typically hear for the NCAA tournament is copyrighted, so I give to you: March Mayhem Word Brackets! (See what I did there?)

This packet contains brackets for 21 speech sounds. Twenty-one! Sounds included are: B, P, D, T, F, V, G, H, K, L, M, N, R, S, Z, W, Y, CH, SH, J, voiceless TH.

Two ways to play:
1) Ask students a leading question (i.e. “Would you rather ride a jeep or a giraffe?”) The word your student chooses advances to the next round. It's also great practice for students to ask each other the questions.

2) Students attempt to say both words and the word with the more accurate sound production advances to the next round.

You can also pair two different sound brackets together (such as K and G) to determine the ULTIMATE CHAMPION!!

It's easy for your students to practice their target sounds in words, sentences, or conversation. BONUS: Completed brackets are perfect to send home for practice outside of the therapy room!

You can download your {FREE} preview packet here. The preview includes brackets for P, B, H, M. The full 21-bracket packet (!) is available right here. Enjoy!

Leave a Comment: Which team are you cheering for?
University of Minnesota - Go Gophers!
(although that's not who I picked to win it all!)

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  1. You should fill out a bracket in my giveaway. Lots of TpT sellers are giving away tons of products each round (and there are random winner, too). Click {here} to take you to Yahoo.

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. Fun! Thanks for letting me know. I'll go enter now :)

  2. Love how you've done this for little ones! I use basketball brackets for older kids--you can get that free download here: hadn't considered an easier version for the younger guys. I especially like the picture prompts. I've got Louisville at the top of my bracket, but coming from NC I root for UNC (and UVA since I went to grad school there :) Kim

    1. Thanks Kim! I only work with preschool - 1st grade students so I tend to gear towards making materials for those age levels. I love your brackets for older students though! I will pass them along to my colleagues. I root for Minnesota because that's where I grew up, and University of Iowa because that's where I went to grad school. Neither one did too well this year...I picked Louisville to win it all in one bracket and Indiana in another bracket. Thanks for reading :)