March 08, 2013

One Last Dr. Seuss Speech Activity

one last Dr. Seuss activity to end our week of celebration
I hope you have enjoyed our Dr. Seuss celebration this week. Dr. Seuss was so creative with his stories and characters that there's no way not to have fun with his books.

Today's activity hint was "look around" - did you figure out what that meant?? I hid a Cat in the Hat picture in my room. If my students spotted the hidden Cat in the Hat, they won a truffula tree!

I "borrowed" this idea from a Kindergarten teacher in the building. Love them!

The Kindergarten and First Grade classes in my building are having Dr. Seuss activities in their classes all afternoon. Love the creativity and fun that Dr. Seuss inspires! Time to start planning for next year!

(P.S. There are so many great resources and ideas at if you need some inspiration.)

Leave a Comment: Who is your favorite Dr. Seuss character?

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