March 07, 2013

Dr. Seuss Speech Activities, Part 2!

more Dr. Seuss themed activities from my speech room

If you read Tuesday's Dr. Seuss post, you read the hint for today: think green, red, and blue.

Hint #1: think red and blue: Have you read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish? It is such the perfect book for PreK/early elementary students. Color words, describing words, opposites - my kiddos loved it! After we read the book, we did a "speechy" activity by making red and blue fish using their own hands.

this kiddo wanted to use googly eyes :)

While the students were cutting out their traced hands, we practiced their speech words. After the fish were glued to the background paper, we wrote their target words on the 'fins'. Cute!

If you couldn't tell, that's a T-Rex on the blue fish :)

Love the detail added to these fish!
We wrote his speech words on the back :)

Hint #2: think green: So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dr. Seuss and the color green? Why, Green Eggs and Ham of course!

I made my own version of green eggs - a green eggs vocabulary match-up! This document targets synonyms and antonyms. You can download it in my TpT store.

Simply cut apart the egg whites and the yolks, then match the yolks to the corresponding whites. I laminated mine and added Velcro to stick them together.

We are adding one last Dr. Seuss activity to my speech room tomorrow, so check back again! Hint: "look around"

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