February 24, 2013

Pocket Categories Sorting Game

a sorting activity to increase vocabulary and language skills

Other than a couple free iPad apps, I don't have much in the way of activities to target categories/sorting. So I made my own!

This packet includes 17 pages and targets five simple preschool categories: shapes, insects, vegetables, jungle animals, and fruits. The pocket graphics are from Ashley Hughes.

There is a sorting mat with a pocket for each category. Laminate and cut apart the picture cards, then students can put the cards in the appropriate pocket.

There are also individual sorting mats for each category. If working with a group, assign students each a category mat and then they can either ask for the picture cards that would go with their category, or draw a picture card and give it to the student with the correct sorting mat.

Also included are two sentence/question strips. Place a picture and a pocket in the appropriate {slots} and then practice reading the sentences. When I made this activity, I had in mind a student of mine who has a goal to increase sentence length to 4+ words. These will be perfect for her.

Finally, there are also two types of flash cards included...12 target naming items in categories, and 24 target naming categories for specific items. These flash cards do not have picture prompts and target some categories that are not targeted by the picture cards.

I hope you and your students enjoy this packet. You can download it here.

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