February 08, 2013

Valentine's Scratch-Off Cards

fun DIY scratch-off cards that are a nice change for therapy

These scratch-off Valentine cards were so much fun for my students! I found the idea here, and adapted it into an activity to use with my students. They lurved it! And I did too. These take a bit of extra prep work, but are so worth it. NOTE: This packet was updated on February 05, 2015 (details below).

And I already have a ton of the work done for you! This download includes practice sheets for initial and final F, V, K, G, L, S, S-Blends, SH, CH, L, L-Blends, R, R-Blends, Vocalic R, as well as a blank page for you to make your own. There are also color or black and white printing options!

Here's the fun part: they are scratch-off tickets!! Students use a coin to reveal the pictures underneath.

As you can see, the pink paint I used is still pretty see-through, even after 4 coats of paint. I would suggest sticking to metallic acrylic paint colors.

They had a blast! The best part is, they were able to bring their practice sheets home for home practice. For my students with language goals, we used the pictures to formulate sentences, make descriptions, or answer questions.

Try these today...they are too much fun :) P.S. Once the painting was done, I was able to assemble and do all the prep while watching the latest drama unfold on "...the most dramatic season ever" of The Bachelor, so the extra prep work isn't too daunting. ;)

Leave a Comment: Have you ever won big on scratch-off tickets?
I have only had three scratch-off tickets in my life, and they were a graduation gift.
I won zero dollars.

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