February 26, 2013

{FREEBIE} Progress Report Templates

three templates to use for your spring progress reports

It's parent-teacher conferences week here at my school district. That makes two long days of working until 8:00pm, but I enjoy the face-to-face time with parents. What I don't enjoy is the work it takes to prepare all the progress reports for parents! I have 53 students currently on my caseload and need to update their graphs and write a progress note for each of their goals.

There's a progress report template on our Web IEP, but it's a little cumbersome for parents to read, especially if the student also has non-speech IEP goals.

I decided to create my own progress report document to make it a little more interesting for parents to read, and to be more fun for me to fill out.

Feel free to download your own progress report forms here! Make sure you become a follower to receive updates about new downloads and freebies. I have some new and exciting projects in the works!

Leave a Comment: How many students and what ages do you work with?
I have 53 students on IEPs, and 8 others with whom I'm running short-term interventions. 
 I'm fortunate to work with my favorite ages - preschool (3+), Kindergarten, and 1st grade!

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