February 17, 2013

Practice Speech Goals Outside of the Speech Room

stickers for carryover practice and to let parents know what their child did in speech that day

A couple weeks ago I started writing what my students have been working on in speech on stickers and placing the stickers on their shirts, hoping that it would serve as reminders for them throughout the day to think about using their correct speech sounds. Teachers, classroom associates, parents, siblings, babysitters, bus drivers - ANYONE could ask the student about their speech sounds and hopefully they would get some practice on their goals outside of my classroom.

I've just been writing their speech sounds on mailing labels, but now I printed these up to use. The school I work at has a panther as a mascot, so I added some panther paws to dress up the labels a bit. Thanks to Graphics From the Pond for the clip art!

There are three different styles:

"I can say my ____ sound!"

"Today I practiced ____"

"Have you heard my say a ___ word"

These are sized to be printed on 1" x 2 5/8" mailing labels. Download your own here :)

These little sweeties wanted to pose for a picture "like buddies" :)

Leave a Comment: Do you have success sending home speech homework?
I sent home homework in December and January and only had two students return it. Any tips?


  1. I gave all my artic students a composition book and a calendar of simple daily activities. The purpose is to write their activities from the calendar into the composition so they always have one place for their work. The students who actually complete the work, about 5/16, are doing very well. I get it back every week. The others...not so much. I really like the sticker idea as a reminder!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's a struggle for me just to send out homework regularly. The composition book is a good idea! You can also write updates and notes home to the parents easily that way. Glad you like the stickers. Thanks for reading!