March 02, 2013

New Downloads in a New Store

Schoolhouse Talk now has a Teachers Pay Teachers store

I've recently added a few new documents to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. What? You didn't know Schoolhouse Talk had a TpT store?! Well it's relatively new, but all my documents from the blog are on there now :) You can check it out here. There's a handy button over there below my profile ----> :)

This weekend I updated and added the following downloads to the store:

This scheduling document allows teachers to let you know what times would work or wouldn't work for you to pull students from their room for speech sessions. It's an updated version of the one I wrote about back in September. It's FREE and you can download it here.

And this one allows you to notify teachers when the students in their class are scheduled for therapy. It's also FREE! Click here to grab it!

This one's a new one - Speech Passes! I'm going to use these for the articulation kiddos I pull into the hallway for 5-minute sessions. I'll let teachers know that I'll quietly walk into the classroom, place a pass on a student's desk, and the student will then leave to meet me in the hallway. That way, the class doesn't get interrupted when I need to borrow a student. There are four different styles and they all fit on one page. Get your own here.

Check out my store for all these products and more!

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