February 24, 2014

Umbrella Categories

a new activity for increasing vocabulary and language skills

Raise your hand if you're sick and tired of winter! (*raising hand as high as I can*) I am longing for spring, so I created a new activity to get everyone in the mood for some spring showers!

This packet is chock full of goodies! But why should I tell you about what's inside, when I can show you? Take a look!

Name That Category! These umbrellas each have two pictures underneath.
Say or write the appropriate category on each umbrella.

 What's Under Your Umbrella? Cut apart the raindrop pictures,
then place them under the appropriate umbrella.

Category Match: Match the category (umbrellas) to the picture (raindrops). Even
blank cards are included to allow you to add your own items as needed!

What Doesn't Belong: cross out the item in each group of three that doesn't belong.
Then explain how the other two items are related.

Of course, reinforcer activities are also included! Use this dot marker page for any therapy activity!

An open-ended board game is also part of the fun!
There are two sizes: single page, and a larger two-pager.

You can find the entire packet here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I hope you enjoy all these category activities! Now I'm going to go endure the 20* temps this week...

Abby has a serious case of Spring Fever.

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