February 12, 2014

Nellie and Ned Phonics Videos

this series of phonics videos are perfect for your speech therapy room 

A colleague of mine (hi Nicki!!) alerted me to a video series on You Tube, and I am in love with them! The videos feature enthusiastic Nellie and her puppet friend Ned, and in each video they talk about a different letter of the alphabet.

The videos are pretty short, about 5 minutes in length. They start out with an introduction to the letter's sound, then give clues to a few words that start with that sound before practicing together.

The great part is that Nellie and Ned encourage the viewer to practice the sounds and words along with them! Here's an example of one for the letter L:

And as a grand finale, they make a sentence chock full of words that start with that sound! I think these videos are fantastically engaging and would be perfect for starting out articulation therapy sessions or to send to parents for home practice.

Nellie and Ned have videos for each letter of the alphabet, and also have additional videos such as manners, sounds of the jungle, and other preschool concepts. Check them out!

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