February 01, 2014

Bugs and Kisses {and giveaway}

a preview of Bugs and Kisses preschool articulation packet

Hellloooooo February!! Is it just me, or was January a reallllly long month?? A few too many "polar vortexes" (vortices?) for one month. I mean, it was so cold one morning, the banana I was eating in the car steamed when I peeled it. I am not joking.

Now that February is here, we have a lot to look forward to: the Super Bowl, all things love, the end of winter in sight, Spring Break! Let's get the party started with some new speech materials!

My newest labor of love is a preschool articulation activity packet! This baby has a sweet Love Bug theme and targets the following phonemes: P, B, T, D, K, G, F, M, N, and it includes bonus practice pages for S. Here's a sample of what's inside:

1) CVC Words in Increasingly Complex Contexts: These cards help students move towards using their phonemes in more complex contexts. They can practice their target phonemes in single words, then phrases, then short sentences. Pictures are included to help our non-readers with the words. (4 cards per phoneme, 40 cards total)

2) Final Consonant Deletion Cards: A lot of my preschoolers are working on eliminating final consonant deletion. These broken hearts will help highlight the final consonant in their target words. Help your students say the first part of the word, then point out the final consonant on the other half of the broken heart. Pictures are included to help our non-readers with the words. (6 cards per phoneme, 60 cards total)

3) Roll, Say, and Cover Games: I love these roll and cover games. This one is meant to be a head-to-head competition! Each player recieves a different color marker or bingo chip. Roll a letter die and a number die (use the Make Dice app if you don't have access to a letter die!), then find the word coordinating with that dice combo. Students practice that word before covering it with their marker. The student with the most words covered in the end is the winner. Two pages are included for each phoneme - one with the phoneme in the initial position of words, and one in the final position of words.

4) 'SWEET' Token Boards: This is a reinforcement game to reward students as they complete their therapy practice. Collect your designated Love Bug and all the letters to spell 'SWEET' before anyone else and you will be the winner! Mats are included as visual aids to help students collect their cards.

5) Color by Number Pages: Roll the dice, practice a word paired with that number, then color the space according to the color by number key. This activity practices target phonemes in the initial position of words.

6) Love Bug Cootie Catcher: This is an open-ended fortune teller hand game which can be used to target any phoneme! Folding and Playing instructions are included.

7) Love Bug Dot Reinforcement: Another open-ended page with the cutest little love bug! He can be used to target any speech goal and is great to send home for home practice.

Bugs and Kisses is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and will be 50% off for the next 24 hours (until 9:30 am central time 02/02/14). I'm also going to give away a copy to a lucky reader! Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Abby is wearing her new stocking hat knit by her sister along with fleece-lined leggings to stay warm.


  1. I love the broken hearts! What cute idea to target I/FCD or rhyming words!

    1. And my two year old is my Valentine :)

    2. Awww, two year olds make very good Valentines! <3

  2. My hubby and my two little kids are my valentines! (hopefully i can have three :-))

    1. So sweet! You can have infinite Valentines!