August 07, 2012

Changes and New Adventures

This was the fastest summer vacation on record! I hardly completed anything on my to-do list, but had lots of great times with family visits, and got lots of relaxing done. Let me just say, I will never go back to a job without summer break ;)

But today is the day...I am moving to a different state and starting a new job. I will be working for an elementary school in Iowa and I am very excited about the position. But it is also bittersweet because I loved my job here in Minnesota, and it was so nice having our parents nearby. But my husband and I are really excited about moving to a new and larger city with more to offer as far as entertainment and activities. And we already have friends down there! Yes, it will be a nice change.

I do get nervous about settling in to a new school, with new students, and new coworkers. But I've done it before, and will probably do it again. From what I gather from the interview process, emails, and phone calls, the people I will be working with are going to be great. I will check back with you after the school year gets underway and let you know!


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    1. Thank you! So far, the first two days of orientation have gone well. I have met some great people!