August 21, 2012

And It Begins...

Yesterday was the first day of school! How did that happen so soon?! It was a jam-packed day spent unpacking and setting up my speech supplies, trying to get organized, getting my student roster, and learning about the 40+ children I will be working with this year, and meeting lots of new people (if anyone has tips on how to better remember names, PLEASE tell me!). Oh, and I already received three new referrals for speech students. Blerg!

I share a regular classroom-size room with the special education teacher, who is also new to the school this year. I get one corner of the room, sectioned off by a curtain. But, I also get the sink next to me, and windows - something I have never had in any speech room I have worked in before. Once I get more settled and organized, I will post a picture tour of my area.


The agency I work for has a mentor program for new staff. This afternoon I got to finally meet with her. It was so nice to hear more about working in Iowa from a veteran speech-language pathologist.

Another thing I worked on today was writing a letter to introduce myself to all my students' parents.


I am going to write a similar letter for the teachers and staff at my new school. I bought some fun paper from the Learning Post to print it on, and I am also going to include my business card with my contact information. Is it nerdy that I am really excited about the business cards the AEA printed for me?

The rest of the week I will be in meetings and trainings, but I am eager to get back into the school next week, introduce myself to more teachers, and tackle a little more organizing.

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