August 31, 2012

Alphabet Bingo and Other Good Finds

I love stopping at the dollar aisle every time I go to Target (which happens a lot more frequently since I moved to a larger city with multiple Target stores!). It is a great place to find inexpensive supplies for crafts, books, office supplies, organization tools, wrapping paper, and more. This time of year it is always stocked full of back to school and teacher supplies. So much great stuff! This week I picked up some bulletin board borders:

a desk organizer:

small pocket charts:

a couple paper pockets that allow my students to write on with dry-erase markers (cut back on printing!):

...and this Alphabet Bingo game:

I am so excited about it! This year I am assigned to an elementary school where I will be serving PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade. I am super excited to use this with some of my students. The game comes with eight different bingo boards, 42 cards with various alphabet tasks, and 70 bingo markers.
The cards are pretty neat. To play the game, the "caller" will draw a card, read the clue, and the players locate the appropriate answer on their bingo boards.

For some of the cards, kids need to identify the missing letter in a string of the alphabet. Most of the cards have kids identifying initial, medial, or final letters in words, or you could modify it to have the identify the letter that says the initial, medial, or final sounds in words.

It will be a great way to target some letter-sound correspondence, letter naming, phonemic awareness, early literacy skills, following directions, turn-taking, and more. Who doesn't love playing bingo??

Leave a Comment: What is the one store you could not live without?
Easy for me to answer: TARGET hands down!

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  1. I hope Target still has this game! What a great gem to find in the dollar aisle!