May 09, 2015

Gift Ideas for New SLP Graduates

experienced SLPs provide gift ideas for new SLP graduates

It's the most wonderful time of year for SLP graduate students - GRADUATION!! The jam-packed schedules, difficult coursework, comprehensive exams, and clinical field placements are behind them and they are ready to officially enter the work force as Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellows! It's such an exciting time!!

Help them celebrate all their hard work and accomplishments with these gift ideas:

1) external portable battery charger

This is the one I have and it is awesome. It fits in my purse and works great for charging a phone or iPad or two on the go. If your iPad battery runs low while at work, you're not stuck tethered to the wall while boosting the battery back up.

2) personalized SLP items

The new graduate has put in about 6 years of hard work to earn his/her credentials. It's time to show them off! If you're crafty, try making a personalized clipboard or note pad (or order from Etsy if you're not crafty!), or the Peachie Speechie has some amazingly cute t-shirt and coffee mug designs.

3) massage/spa or mani/pedi

Earning that master's degree in speech-language pathology is an intense and highly stressful couple of years. New graduates could use some pampering!

4) a large tote bag

SLPs have lots of fun materials they like to use to make therapy enjoyable for their clients. Add in a few student files, a clipboard, iPad or laptop, etc. and you've got a whole lot to carry around. Especially if you're an SLP who travels between buildings or does home-based therapy. I highly recommend the Land's End extra large zip-top canvas tote bag. It's durable, a perfect size, and zips closed so nothing precious falls out.

5) glass water bottle

SLPs need to stay hydrated while running around between classrooms and meetings and using their voices all day. I love my glass water bottle because I can add lemon or put green tea in it and the bottle doesn't absorb flavors. Plus I think these bottles with the wooden tops are so beautiful, and they're really sturdy!

6) gift cards

Not sure which population the new SLP will be working with? You can't go wrong with gift cards. I would highly suggest an iTunes gift card, a gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers, or Super Duper.

7) Finally, some therapy materials to get their toolbox started! From the Schoolhouse Talk shop I recommend:

Speech-Language Therapy Rubrics - to make data collection and progress monitoring a breeze!

Triangles of Meaning - help students visualize those tricky vocabulary concepts

Articulation Puzzles - interactive speech sound practice for little ones

From other sellers:

Visuals for Vocabulary - These are in constant use in my therapy room. Great tools to help me explain vocabulary concepts with my students.

Language Loops - I use these constantly! The vocabulary is just the right level, and my students even request to use these!

Articulation Cans - A versatile tool for articulation therapy which doubles as a language tool and therapy room decor!

Go see what gifts other SLPs are recommending over at All Y'all Need. A million congratulations to the Class of 2015! You did it! Go celebrate! #treatyoself

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  1. Another phone charger I need to check out! And Triangles of Meaning looks wonderful. Thanks for linking up! Great ideas!