May 13, 2015

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul {Funny Edition}

a reminder that being an SLP has its funny moments too

The Dabbling Speechie hosted a great blog hop a couple months ago in which SLP Bloggers wrote about moments that touched them as an SLP. This time, we're writing about the moments that have made us laugh. It's easy to get caught up in the paperwork, constant meetings, and ever-growing caseloads. But it's also good for the soul to reflect on the times when our jobs are entertaining and fun. One of the best moments I've experienced:

In 2013 my caseload consisted largely of preschoolers at a PreK-1st grade elementary school. I was doing a short-term intervention with a preschool boy whose mom was also one of the teachers in the building. One day she came up to me at work and said her son had told her he had been working on cuss words in speech! I couldn't believe it! I thought back to what we had been targeting the previous day and it soon made sense. This little boy was fronting his /k/ and /g/ phonemes and we had been working on /k/ that day. Words that have the letter K = /k/ words = /ks/ words!

What's been a funny moment in your practice lately? I bet those moments happen more than you think. Comment below!

Abby is looking forward to returning to a preschool caseload next year. Those little ones are always cracking her up!

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