March 13, 2015

Speech Room Records {Bulletin Board}

a functional and motivating bulletin board idea

Since January, I have been making an effort to review speech/language goals with my students to help them be more aware of why they come to speech, which skills they are working so hard to improve, and that coming to Speech is more than "playing games".

There's also a push in my district this year to have students be a part of tracking their own progress through the use of rubrics and scales. So since we were regularly reviewing their performances anyway, I decided my students deserved to be rewarded for their efforts. Voila - the Speech Records Bulletin Board!

When students achieve a personal best on a certain skill, they get to fill out a speech record ribbon and hang it on the bulletin board.

Now students come into my room asking what their records are, and are so motivated to try and beat their personal best. I love it!

We even recognize "fun" achievements, like the all-time speech room Jenga tower record!

A few records have been shattered this week: one student went from producing vocalic /r/ correctly 60% of the time when reading aloud to 78%! #speechroomwin

Give it a try with your own speech students - and get ready for lots of celebrating :)

Schoolhouse Talk achieved a personal record yesterday: Ready, Set, Communicate {task cards for Grammar} was featured on the TPT home page!


  1. Great idea! I might have to steal this! ;)

    1. Please do! My students have been so motivated to do better with their communication goals. I'm planning on keeping this in place for the remainder of the school year. Thanks for reading!