February 23, 2015

What's In My Cart {TPT Sale}

get ready for a one-day site-wide sale!

Get ready for some online retail therapy because Teachers Pay Teachers is celebrating how SUPER educators are by having a site-wide sale! This time it is a one-day-only sale on Wednesday, February 25, so I'm going to save you some browsing time and recommend some SUPER items that I can't wait to snatch up.

First (shameless plug warning!), let me recommend a couple new items from the Schoolhouse Talk shop:

I have been using these (along with the WH-Questions and Vocabulary sets) like crazy the past couple weeks for progress monitoring and updating data! Parent-teacher conferences are coming up in my district, and these have saved me so much time.

These seasonal packets will also be included in the sale:

See if you can figure out what the majority of my caseload is working on by taking a peek at what's in my shopping cart? :P

1) Context Clues Packet (using Tier Vocabulary) - by Nicole Allison

Nicole's products are always extremely well thought out and nicely put together. I love how this one has multiple levels of difficulty, incorporates Tier 2 vocabulary words, and teaches students exactly how to use context clues.

2) Comprehending and Paraphrasing Expository Text - by Speechy Musings

I've been using a ton of nonfiction passages with my students, and this will be a great addition to my collection! The topics included in this packet are interesting and fun to read and multiple tools and graphic organizers are included to help with paraphrasing and comprehension.

3) Inferring and Predicting with Figurative Language - by The Speech Bubble SLP

Talk about a 1, 2, 3, punch! This packet helps students with inferring skills, making predictions, and understanding figurative language all at the same time! This will be so, so useful for all of my 4-8 grade students.

4) Flip Flap Definitions - by Speech2U

I love that this will make our work on improving describing skills much more hands on and interesting! My students love getting crafty in the speech room, and I can't wait to see what they can learn and do with this packet.


If you need additional assistance in figuring out what to stock up on, be sure to check out the Best of SLPs on TPT Spring Catalog.

You can also see what others are buying by clicking through the linky party over at Speech Room News.

Happy shopping, and STAY SUPER!

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