February 24, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday!

a quick tip to help make our work as SLPs easier

Hi everyone! I'm linking up with the fabulous Kim over at School SLP to provide a tidbit that has helped me the past couple weeks.

One thing I've noticed when laminating materials on my personal laminator is that the first sheet or two comes out of the machine a little wavy. Now I've discovered that if I first run a plain sheet of paper (no laminating sheet) through the hot-and-ready machine a couple times, it helps prevent the first couple laminating sheets from coming out wavy!

Head over to School SLP to see what other quick tips are being shared this week!

Abby has used 69 laminating sheets in the past month.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't had that problem with my laminator, but will certainly keep that in mind in case it happens with my new one (that is still in the box, by the way!).