January 18, 2013

Guided Access Tutorial

my new favorite iPad feature available with iOS 6

I've heard stories about people who are using the iPad with a kiddo, and the student just wants to play games instead of learning from the amazing app that his teacher/speech therapist/parent has opened. So the student presses the home button and closes out the app. Of course, this absolutely never happens with the students I am working with. No way! We are fully engaged and participating 100% of the time (in my dreams!)

And I've heard of students activating in-app purchases or advertisements while using the iPad. Can you imagine?! In case this has ever happened to you -- and I'm SO GLAD I have not had to deal with any of these issues (can you smell the sarcasm?) -- then Guided Access is the answer to your problems.

Guided Access allows the user to keep just one app running on the iPad by disabling the home button, and lets you control which features of the app can be used.


*Guided Access can be enabled in Settings. If you are in General, click on Accessibility and Guided Access can be seen towards the bottom. Make sure the toggle switch for Guided Access is turned ON. Now the feature is always enabled and ready to use any time you are using the iPad.

Once you are in the app you want, triple click the home button to enable Guided Access. From there, you can draw circles around the buttons or features of the app you do not want the child to be able to access. You can also turn off screen rotation and turn off the touch screen. Tap Start to begin.

See the shaded area in the upper left corner?
If my student taps there, nothing will happen
Now your student can't exit out of the app or tap any of the features you drew boxes around, and time won't be wasted chasing after a student who got out of his chair and ran away while you tried to exit out of the advertisement he clicked on. To turn Guided Access off, just triple-click the home button again (you'll have to enter your passcode).

I think this is such a great feature to have on the iPad, and I use it a lot with my students:
*for students who are very impulsive in tapping all over the screen
*for preschoolers and non-readers who don't always know what they are accessing on the screen
*for use with apps that have easily-accessible ads in one spot the entire time

SUCH A GREAT FEATURE! Hope you have a wonderful and rejuvenating weekend!

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