January 08, 2013

Good Find: Hopping Frogs

inexpensive (and fun!) dollar store reinforcement activity

Happy 2013!

I was at the dollar store a couple weeks ago stocking up my prize bucket and came across this hopping frogs game that I knew would be a perfect reinforcer for my students. It comes with 12 frogs of different colors and a little plastic pond.

The concept is simple: push down on the little frog's tail, aim, and let go, launching it through the air and hopefully into the pond.

My students love it! They like to "earn" their frogs by completing their therapy tasks, then compete against each other or against me to see who can get the most frogs to jump into the pond. Easy, cheap, and fun! My kind of reinforcer.

Leave a Comment: What is your favorite resource for inexpensive therapy activities?
I *heart* the dollar store!


  1. Ummm...think I am going to steal this for group therapy....

    1. Do it! I got it at Dollar Tree. The frogs are also surprisingly durable. I accidentally ran over one while sitting in my desk chair and it is still in one piece and functional.