September 03, 2012

Good Finds: 5-Minute Quick Quiz Word Fun

Happy Labor Day! I am enjoying my extra day off of work. It's crazy how ready I was to have a day off after just 3 weeks of the new job. I guess all the business of organizing, meeting new people, scheduling students, and attending countless new staff trainings just drains a girl's energy! It has been much appreciated having a long weekend :)

I found another Good Find for SLPs the other day. Remember, the Dollar Aisle at Target is a great resource for inexpensive supplies and ideas.

Today's find was this 5-Minute Quick Quiz - Word Fun Challenge.

It's a small flip-book with a great assortment of quick activities that target language skills. Each page targets a different skills: word families, phonemic awareness, vocabulary building...and more!

Here are a few previews of what's inside:
Use the provided word family list to fill-in-the-blanks of the story.

Unscramble the letters in these mixed-up words!

Each column is a category, and you need to use the letters on the left to think of a word that starts with that letter and fits in the given categories - like Scattegories.

Manipulate the phonemes to figure out each word.

Use the clues to figure out which word on the list is being described.
The answers are all on the bottom of each page. For only $1, I thought this was a great bargain that I couldn't pass up. The cover says Grade 2, but with some modifications, I could even use it with the Kindergarteners and 1st Graders I work with. I plan to rip the pages apart and use my new dry-erase page protectors so I can use this book again and again!

P.S. There was also a math version!

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