September 30, 2015

Speech/Language Learning Targets

help students understand their speech/language therapy goals and progress

Does your district require you to post student learning goals? Where I work, we follow the Marzano teacher evaluation model, which does require us to post learning goals. With special education, it's a little more tricky to post goals since everything is so individualized. And you know with speech/language students that we have dozens of different therapy goals that we work with.

I have a set of learning targets that I have been using, but needed something portable that I could take with me if I was working in classrooms or hallways, and would also allow me to quickly let students know what they are working on. My district has also talked extensively about using scales with students to give them some insight into how they are doing. Thus, this little flip book was born:

- 88 different learning targets with "I can..." statements
- student rating scales on each card to discuss progress
- blank cards for you to write your own student goals
- full-page blank targets
- tabs to make it easy to flip to the content area you are working on

You can pick up a copy for your own therapy room here. I hope they are useful for you and your students and help you score points during those teacher observations/evaluations!


  1. My district also uses the Marzano model. Have you or would you consider posting your set of learning goals you use too? Since the "I can" statements are considered "objectives", there still needs to be a goal and scale posted or available to the student. I'd love to get a "fun" template to use with my kiddos!


    1. These are all I use with my students. We review their IEP goals periodically, and these objectives come straight from their goals. The scales are included on the bottom of these learning targets and at the end of our sessions we talk about how they did during their practice and circle where they're at on the rating scale. I'd be interested in seeing what you are using!