April 23, 2015

Paper Airplane Activities

paper airplanes can be used to target many communication goals

This week we have been making paper airplanes, and it has been a blast! A quick Google search led me to three different websites with step-by-step instructions.

I found this website to be the best because it includes printable pages with the fold lines numbered which I found really helped my students understand exactly where to make their folds.

So how in the world can you use paper airplanes to target communication goals? So. Many. Ways. :)

- how to fold the airplane
- how to fly the airplane

- giving instructions and providing details in their descriptions
- prepositions ("The plane flew OVER the table.")
- pronouns ("YOUR plane flew farther than MY plane.")
- sizes/measurement ("The BIG plane flew a LONG WAY!"; "This time make the LITTLE plane have a SHORT flight.")

SEQUENCING: All of these planes include step-by-step instructions. Cut apart the instructions and have students put the steps in order.

- Spread target words on the floor and try to fly the airplanes onto the cards
- Write target sounds and words onto the completed planes

- discuss similarities/differences about different styles of airplanes
- fly two different airplanes and compare their flight patterns

FLUENCY: Students can read the instructions aloud and practice their fluency building strategies as they do so.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: All this folding and holding is great practice for our friends working on their fine motor skills.

Students are so proud when they're finished:

And then you get to enjoy the thrill of flying them!

Try it!
Abby thinks the Bullet plane is the best for speed and distance, but the Condor does sweet tricks.


  1. This is awesome---fun, low cost, innovative and targets many areas.

    1. It was a blast! Thanks for reading Ruth :)

  2. Hey you stole my idea! ;) We also did a lot of paper airplanes in my speech room this week. It was a blast and the perfect activity.

    1. I had a student ask me today, "Can we make paper airplanes for the rest of the year?" Haha, it was a fun week! Hopefully it can become a more regular activity :)