November 20, 2014

So You're Not at the ASHA Convention...

5 things to do if you're missing out on the annual ASHA convention

So you're not at the 2014 ASHA convention. Me either! And the constant barrage of pictures and posts on social media is tough to look at. So what are those of us on team #noASHA supposed to do (besides cry on the inside)??

Team #noASHA

1) Live vicariously through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Yeah, there are tons of pictures and status updates that show all the fun we're missing out on. But it's also fun to see everything that's going on. With all the constant updates, it even feels kinda like we're there. A little bit? Maybe...?

2) Watch your favorite movie related to speech pathology.

I'm talking The King's Speech, Wretches and Jabberers, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, even My Fair Lady! You'll laugh, you'll cry. You may forget you're missing out on all the ASHA14 fun for a couple of hours. Until you check social media again...(see #1).

3) Complete some CEUs.

One of the best things about the ASHA convention is the opportunity to get all the CEUs you'll need until your next certification cycle all in one weekend. Missing out? Get some online CEUs! Autumn Bryant - Speech Language Investigator has compiled a great list of FREE online CEUs. Go check it out and get your learning on! And don't forget the FREE 0.5 CEU offered online by ASHA each month!

4) Try some retail therapy! You should probably go buy a new scarf.

Grab a latte while you're out. Then go home and apply your new Jamberry nails while you shop for helpful new materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Retail therapy always makes things better.

5) Download some new apps for your iPad!

Tons of app developers discount the prices of their apps during the ASHA convention. May as well take advantage! I strongly recommend signing up for email alerts from Smart Apps for Kids. They send out one email per day with a list of free and reduced apps. They almost always highlight useful apps for special education and will be the best place to get updates of which apps are free or reduced during the convention.

So now you know what I'll be doing to pass the time during the ASHA convention. Who's on team #noASHA with me?!

Disclaimer: I would completely ditch Team #noASHA in a heartbeat to go to the ASHA convention. Hopefully next year!

Abby has been to one ASHA convention: Chicago 2008!

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