May 01, 2014

Make Paper Bag Books to Take Home

paper bag books make great take-home activities for your students

WOWZA! April really turned into a crazy wack-a-doo of a month, and I have been pretty absent from posting on the blog. I've been taking lots of pictures of the activities we've been using lately, but just have not had time to write up any blog posts. My apologies. That changes now!

My number one most favorite activity of the past couple weeks has been making paper bag books. Once the prep work is done, these are quick to put together during a session and are adaptable for many student goals.

I found this idea on Teacher Mom of Three, and you can read her post for more instructions on assembling your books. I did use ribbon instead of pipe cleaner for the handles because I felt they attached better.

My students made books containing their target speech sounds. I made an assortment of covers and black/white pictures ahead of time. We also included a few blank pages for them to draw and add their own pictures.

We also made some story retell books. This student was working on identifying story elements for The Wolf's Chicken Stew. As my preschoolers described the story elements and plot events, I helped them write in the books, and they drew the pictures. Pretty good illustrations for a 4-year-old if you ask me :)

You could use these for ANYTHING! Let me know how you'd use paper bag books in your speech sessions.

Abby is so glad May is here! Only 21 work days left in the school year!


  1. This is a great idea! I think I'll use this for one of my first activities when school starts.

    1. Glad you like it! They're fun to make. Thanks for reading :)