January 21, 2014

Narrative Language Intervention Resources

a round-up of resources for teaching narrative language skills

There are so many resources out there for us to use when helping our students improve their narrative language skills! Yesterday I touched on Sandi Gillam's SKILL program, and today I thought it would be nice to corral a bunch of useful resources in one place. Here we go!


SKILL (Supporting Knowledge in Language and Literacy) (Sandi Gillam) - Complete program to teach individual story grammar elements, story retell, and independent story generation.

Story Grammar Marker (MindWing Concepts) - Complete program using icons to help children learn to tell and retell stories, improve comprehension, writing, and social communication.

Strong Narrative Assessment Procedure (Carol J. Strong) - Uses wordless picture books to assess narrative skills. Includes instructions for how to elicit and analyze story retelling samples, and how to develop an intervention program based on the results.


First off, a plug for my newest packet because I am just SO excited about it! I was so enthused after participating in some narrative language trainings recently, that I created an update to my Story Grammar Prompts packet. It's a complete overhaul!

This packet is jam-packed with goodies! Here's what's inside:

This might be my favorite packet yet! You can read more about it on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Scoop Up a Delicious Story  - The Dabbling Speechie

DIY Story Telling Rope - Miss Thrift SLP

The Importance of Narrative Assessments - Smart Speech Therapy, LLC

Superhero Story Telling Dice - Crazy Speech World

Make a Silly Story - Speechy Musings

Story Grammar Marker - MindWing Concepts; $24.99

Story Wheel - EverAge; $2.99 (free lite version)

Story Pals - Expressive Solutions, LLC; $19.99

Story Builder - Mobile Education Store; $7.99

Toontastic - Launchpad Toys; FREE

Abby is certain this list is not exhaustive. Leave your favorite narrative language resources in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for a great post! I just purchased the SGM and am looking for ways to implement it. Your packet you put together looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Jen! Let me know how you like the SGM. I have the app, but I think the whole program would be excellent to have!