October 08, 2013

Dollar Store Dash Linky Party

see what I got for $5 at the dollar store, and what I'm going to do with my loot

The Dollar Store is a wonderful resource for inexpensive therapy materials, office items, and stocking up your prize box :) Teach Speech 365 came up with a super fun idea of a Dollar Store Dash! The challenge: spend $5 at the dollar store, and then share how you will use your money-saving items in therapy. Challenge accepted!

1. car/animal erasers
I plan on using these during themed units. Have students pull them out of a garbage can and name the vocabulary (I work with preschoolers...). When not working on transportation or animal themes, we will use these erasers as board game tokens.

2. simple animal puzzles
I thought these were so cute! Basic, 4-5 piece puzzles that will not be too challenging with my preschoolers. I can also write on the backs of the pieces and the base for matching vocabulary, articulation drills, etc.

3. medication reminder boxes
I can place articulation words, wh-questions, vocabulary words, probe words, etc. in this with random stickers/rewards in a couple compartments (per this idea here). I can't wait to decorate the box better so kids can't see what's inside (and so it's cuter!). NOTE: I don't use food as reinforcement in therapy anyway, but I highly suggest not putting edible rewards in pill organizers. We don't want any kiddos thinking items in pill boxes are for their consumption.

4. star tap light
Kiddos will use these to "buzz in" their answers! This can be used during most activities: answering questions, story comprehension, etc. Can't wait!

5. fall leaves stickers
We are going to use these next week. I'll print off some bare tree forms, then students can stick away while we drill our speech sounds.

Leave a Comment: What's your preferred dollar store?
I'm devoted to Dollar Tree :)


  1. I LOVE that star tap light idea! I don't think my Dollar Tree had those!

    1. I found it in the aisle with the baby things, night lights, toothbrushes, etc. I hope you find some!

  2. Thanks for adding your link!! I am in love with the touch light idea! Genius!!

    1. Thanks for hosting! I love this linky party!!

  3. I never thought about using as game board tokens. brilliant!